David H. Abramson, MD

Chief, Ophthalmic Oncology Service, Department of Surgery
David H. Abramson, MD -- Chief, Ophthalmic Oncology Service, Department of Surgery

I am a board-certified ophthalmologist with specialty training in opthalmic oncology. I am Chief of the Ophthalmic Oncology Service at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, the only service of its kind dedicated to ophthalmic oncology in a cancer hospital in the US. Because of our close association with specialists in pediatrics, radiation oncology, and medicine, we are able to offer coordinated, state-of-the-art care with access to novel therapies and clinical trials not available anywhere else in the country.

Adult Patients: 212-744-1700; Pediatric Patients: 212-639-7232
Clinical Expertise

Retinoblastoma; Ocular Melanomas (Melanoma of the Eye); Uveal Melanoma; Orbital Tumors; Ophthalmic Oncology

Languages Spoken

MD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine


Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center


Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center

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Clinical Trials Co-Investigated by David H. Abramson
Publications by David H. Abramson

Abramson, DH, Marr, BP, Brodie, SE, Dunkel, IJ, Palioura, S, Gobin, YP. Opthalmic Artery Chemosurgery for Less Advanced Intraocular Retinoblastoma: Five Year Review, PLoSONE 2012 April 7(4):1-5.

Marr, BP, Hung, C, Gobin, YP, Dunkel, IJ, Brodie, SE, Abramson, DH. Success of intra-arterial chemotherapy (chemosurgery) for retinoblastoma: effect of orbitovascular anatomy. Arch Opthalmol. 2012 Feb; 130(2):180-185

Marr, BP, Brodie, SE, Dunkel, IJ, Gobin, YP, Abramson, DH. Three-drug intra-arterial chemotherapy using simultaneous carboplatine, topotecan, and melphan for intraocular retinoblastoma: preliminary results, Br J. Ophthalmol. 2012 Aug 3. (Epup ahead of print)

Abramson, DH, Gobin, YP, Marr, BP, Dunkel, IJ, Brodie, SE. Intra-arterial chemotherapy for retinoblastoma, Ophthalmology. 2012 Aug;119(8):1720-1721

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