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Give Immigrants Healthcare Access: US Kid Doctors

Immigrant Health and Cancer Disparities Service Chief Francesca Gany commented on a policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics that stated that its members should pay special attention to the healthcare needs of immigrant children.

May 9, 2013
Sex and Cancer

Epidemiologist Shari Goldfarb discussed sexual dysfunction in women after cancer and its treatment.

May 9, 2013
Religious Support Tied to Intensive End-of-Life Care

Clinical psychologist Allison Applebaum commented on a study that found that spiritual patients who reported high levels of support from their religious communities were more likely to receive aggressive end-of-life treatment.

May 7, 2013
Novartis Boost Seen in Fast Approvals as Protection Ends

Physician-scientist Charles Sawyers commented on the FDA’s new breakthrough designation, designed to accelerate the review process for drugs that treat life-threatening conditions.

May 5, 2013
Urology Group Stops Recommending Routine PSA Test

Prostate cancer surgeon Peter Scardino commented on new PSA screening guidelines released by the American Urological Association.

May 3, 2013
Exorbitant Prices for Leukemia Drugs

A group of doctors inspired by Memorial Sloan Kettering’s decision not to carry a new colorectal cancer drug (Zaltrap®) due to its cost banded together in hopes of persuading some leading pharmaceutical companies to bring prices down.

May 2, 2013
Our Feel-Good War on Breast Cancer

Epidemiologist Peter Bach commented on the progress that has been made in the fight against breast cancer.

April 28, 2013
3-D Mammograms — Are They Worth the Cost?

Diagnostic radiologist Carol Lee discussed the benefits and risks of 3-D mammography.

April 26, 2013
Doctors Denounce Cancer Drug Prices of $100,000 a Year

A group of more than 100 influential cancer specialists, inspired by Memorial Sloan Kettering’s decision not to carry a new colorectal cancer drug due to its cost, have banded together in hopes of persuading some leading pharmaceutical companies to bring prices down.

April 26, 2013
Video May Help Terminal Patients Make CPR Choice

Surgical fellow Andrew Shuman commented on a study that used a video to help terminally ill cancer patients make decisions about end-of-life care.

April 25, 2013
Obesity Increases Men's Risk of Dying from Prostate Cancer

Epidemiologist Helena Furberg commented on a study that found that men who are overweight are more likely to have precancerous lesions detected in a benign prostate biopsy and are at a greater risk for subsequently developing prostate cancer.

April 23, 2013
Cancer Centers Racing to Map Patients’ Genes

Physician-in-Chief José Baselga discussed whole-genome sequencing and efforts at Memorial Sloan Kettering to advance genomic research.

April 21, 2013
Pared Back Prostate Cancer Screening May Save Lives

A study led by epidemiologist Andrew Vickers found that certain men may need only three PSA tests in their lifetime.

April 17, 2013
New Treatment Pokes Holes in Tumors, Literally

Interventional radiologist Constantinos Sofocleous discussed a study he led that found that irreversible electroporation, a technique that sends electrical pulses via tiny needles directly to tumors, successfully destroys cancer cells without harming nearby healthy cells.

April 15, 2013
Unorthodox Tests on Rodents Help Ridgewood 9-Year-Old Beat Cancer

Pediatric oncologist Leonard Wexler spoke about using personalized mice models implanted with a patient’s unique tumor to test new drug combinations.

April 14, 2013
Uterine Cancer Tied to Later Colon Cancer

Gynecologist and geneticist Noah Kauff commented on a study that found that women diagnosed with uterine cancer may have a higher risk of developing colon cancer later in life. He said the increased risk could be due to women with a hereditary condition known as Lynch syndrome.

April 11, 2013
Writing Program for Cancer Patients

Visible Ink founder Judith Kelman discussed the Memorial Sloan Kettering program she runs that connects patients with experienced writers, editors, and teachers to help them tell their stories in writing. A Memorial Sloan Kettering patient and program participant was also interviewed.

April 10, 2013
Taking a Supplement? Tell Your Doctor

Integrative Medicine Service Chief Barrie Cassileth commented on the importance of informing your doctor of all medicines you take, including supplements.

April 8, 2013
MEK: A Single Drug Target Shows Promise in Multiple Cancers

Endocrinologist James Fagin spoke about a study he led that found that an investigational drug may help some patients with thyroid cancer who are unable to absorb radioactive iodine, the most effective therapy for the disease.

April 5, 2013
World-Class Cancer Treatment, Closer to Home

Victor Ribaudo, Executive Director of Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Regional Care Network, spoke about plans to open a new suburban outpatient treatment center in Middletown, New Jersey.

April 2, 2013