Story Starter: Screening Smarter for Prostate Cancer

The value of PSA screening has been a hotly debated topic among doctors and patients throughout the country. Experts at Memorial Sloan Kettering — who include some of the foremost experts in the world on this subject — are available to discuss their leading-edge research on who should be tested, when, and how often, as well as on other tests that may be more accurate than the PSA test. Memorial Sloan Kettering has also created prediction tools, which are available free online for patients and doctors to assess their risk of prostate cancer.

Peter Scardino, MD, Chair of the Department of Surgery, is a nationally recognized and frequently interviewed expert and can explain the concept of “smarter screening” and when PSA testing makes sense and when it doesn’t. Although he is a surgeon, Dr. Scardino often talks about his concerns about overdiagnosis and overtreatment of some men and is leader in establishing national guidelines for active surveillance.

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