Research Areas

Our basic, clinical, and translational research efforts explore critical scientific and medical questions related to human health and cancer.

At SKI, more than 100 laboratories pursue innovative basic and translational research to advance the understanding and control of cancer and other health conditions.

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Cancer Biology & Genetics

Our scientists study the molecular and genetic determinants of cancer predisposition, tumor development, and metastasis.

Cell Biology

Our researchers explore the molecular mechanisms that control normal cell behavior and how these mechanisms are disrupted in cancer.

Computational Biology

The goal of our research is to build computer models that simulate biological processes, from the molecular level and up to the organism as a whole.

Developmental Biology

Our investigators study the mechanisms that control cell proliferation, cell differentiation, tissue patterning, and tissue morphogenesis.


Our research incorporates a range of areas and expertise, and is aimed at translating laboratory findings into effective clinical applications.

Molecular Biology

Our research is directed at understanding how cell growth is regulated and how the integrity of the genome is maintained.

Molecular Pharmacology & Chemistry

Our research program serves as a conduit for bringing basic science discoveries to preclinical and clinical evaluation.

Structural Biology

Our researchers are dedicated to understanding biology at the structural and mechanistic levels, and aiding the development of new cancer therapies.

Our investigations range from clinical trials, which test the safety and efficacy of new treatments, to translational research, which acts as a bridge between discoveries made in the laboratory and those made in the clinic.

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