Abraham S. Bartell, MD

Abraham S. Bartell, MD

I am a child and adolescent psychiatrist and a pediatrician with experience working with ill children and their families. Most recently, my work has focused on children, adolescents, and young adults who have cancer or who have been affected by cancer, with an emphasis on individual and family-focused psychological support. I also have expertise in pediatric psychopharmacology in medically ill children.

My research interests focus on the impact of bone marrow transplants on mothers of the recipients and on communications skills training in pediatric oncology. I am currently affiliated with the Psychotherapy Laboratory, which conducts clinical trials to identify aspects of therapy that prove therapeutic. I also work with the Communication Skills Research and Training Laboratory (COMSKIL), which provides communication skills training to physicians in various areas (medical, surgical, and radiation oncology; pain and palliative care; critical care; radiology; and pediatrics) as well as to fellows and nursing staff.

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Child and Adolescent Psychiatry; Pediatric Psycho-oncology; Pediatric Psychopharmacology

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MD, State University of New York Downstate Medical School


Brown University Combined Pediatric, Psychiatry, and Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Residency Program

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