Brain Tumor Center: Intraoperative MRI Slide Show

Intraoperative Imaging Suite Intraoperative Imaging Suite To improve the success of brain surgery, Memorial Sloan Kettering's neurosurgeons perform brain surgery in an intraoperative imaging suite that has an MRI scanner in the operating room.
Inside the Operating Room Inside the Operating Room Surgery is the treatment of choice for any brain tumor that can be reached without causing severe damage to normal tissue.
Moving from Surgery to MRI Evaluation Moving from Surgery to MRI Evaluation At any point during surgery, the neurosurgeon can rotate the patient into the MRI machine to determine whether the tumor has been removed completely.
From Surgery into MRI From Surgery into MRI Patient is positioned for MRI evaluation.
MRI Evaluation MRI Evaluation If any residual tumor is found during MRI evaluation, surgery can be resumed and the remaining cancerous tissue removed. Being able to reevaluate the patient's tumor with MRI during surgery allows neurosurgeons to operate with increased precision and will reduce the need for and risk of a second operation.