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Pictured: Grégoire Altan-Bonnet
Altan-Bonnet, Grégoire
Computational Biology Program
Computational biologist Grégoire Altan-Bonnet focuses on probing and testing the integration of cellular activation that makes up the immune response.
Scott Armstrong
Armstrong, Scott A.
Director, Leukemia Center
Cancer Biology & Genetics Program
Physician-scientist Scott Armstrong focuses on defining genetic and epigenetic programs that control the extensive self-renewal properties associated with leukemia and other cancers.


Bao, Zhirong
Developmental Biology Program
Developmental biologist Zhirong Bao investigates how the genome dictates development using C. elegans as a model.
Pictured: Michael Berger
Berger, Michael F.
Associate Director, Marie-Josée & Henry R. Kravis Center for Molecular Oncology
Human Oncology & Pathogenesis Program
Researcher Michael Berger focuses on massively parallel sequencing of tumor DNA for biomarker discovery and clinical diagnostics.
Brennan, Cameron W.
Human Oncology & Pathogenesis Program
Physician-scientist Cameron Brennan focuses on genomic analysis of human and mouse gliomas and medulloblastomas.


Cheung, Nai-Kong V.
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Physician-scientist Nai-Kong Cheung focuses on engineering of antibodies and immune cells to treat solid tumors in children.
Pictured: John Chodera
Chodera, John
Computational Biology Program
Computational chemist John Chodera uses statistical mechanics, molecular modeling, and automated biophysical experiments to help identify new potential therapeutics and investigate mechanisms of drug resistance in cancer.


Deasy, Joseph O.
Chair, Department of Medical Physics; Enid A. Haupt Chair in Medical Physics
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Medical Physics Department Chair Joseph Deasy focuses on integration and analysis of dose, imaging, and molecular data to predict outcomes and guide personalized treatments.


Pictured: Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis
Hadjantonakis, Anna-Katerina
Developmental Biology Program
Developmental biologist Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis studies cell lineage commitment, patterning and morphogenesis of early mammalian embryos.
Pictured: Alan Houghton
Houghton, Alan
Immunology Program
Cancer immunologist Alan Houghton studies the immune response to cancer, immune recognition of self and mutated molecules, and development of new immunotherapies.
Pictured: Morgan Huse
Huse, Morgan
Immunology Program
Immunologist Morgan Huse investigates intracellular signaling dynamics in lymphocytes.


Jallepalli, Prasad
Molecular Biology Program
Molecular biologist Prasad Jallepalli studies mechanisms of high-fidelity chromosome segregation in human cells.


Lai, Eric C.
Developmental Biology Program
Developmental biologist Eric Lai focuses on the control of developmental patterning by Notch signaling and microRNAs.
Pictured: William Lee
Lee, William
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Computational biologist William Lee focuses on the application of high-throughput sequencing technologies for cancer biomarker discovery and diagnostics.
Pictured: Christina Leslie
Leslie, Christina
Associate Member
Computational Biology Program
Computational biologist Christina Leslie focuses on developing machine learning algorithms for computational and systems biology.
Pictured: Douglas Levine
Levine, Douglas A.
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Physician-scientist Douglas Levine studies the genomic basis for prevention and control of ovarian and uterine carcinomas.


Pictured: Joan Massagué
Massagué, Joan
Director, Sloan Kettering Institute
Cancer Biology & Genetics Program
Sloan Kettering Institute Director Joan Massagué studies the control of stem cell growth and phenotype in tumor progression, metastasis, and response to therapy.
Pictured: Christine Mayr
Mayr, Christine
Cancer Biology & Genetics Program
Cancer biologist Christine Mayr focuses on gene regulation and definition of the end of an mRNA or a transcription unit.


Pictured: Gunnar Rätsch
Rätsch, Gunnar
Computational Biology Program
Data scientist Gunnar Rätsch develops and applies advanced analysis and modeling techniques to data derived from genomics, high-throughput sequencing, clinical records, and images.


Sander, Chris
Chair, Computational Biology Program, SKI
Computational Biology Program
Computational Biology Program Chair Chris Sander focuses on analyzing and simulating biological processes at different levels of organization.


Pictured: Paul Tempst
Tempst, Paul
Molecular Biology Program
Molecular biologist Paul Tempst focuses on the development of proteomic technologies and approaches for studying the eukaryotic transcriptional machineries and for cancer biomarker discovery.


Weinstein, Harel
Computational Biology Program
Computational biologist Harel Weinstein investigates the structural, dynamic, and integrative determinants of molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying physiological function and pharmacological activity.
Pictured: Richard White
White, Richard Mark
Cancer Biology & Genetics Program
Cancer biologist Richard Mark White investigates the evolution of metastases in zebrafish.


Pictured: Joao Xavier
Xavier, Joao
Computational Biology Program
Computational biologist Joao Xavier studies computer models and quantitative experiments of biofilm and cancer growth.