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Pictured: Grégoire Altan-Bonnet
Altan-Bonnet, Grégoire
Computational Biology Program
Computational biologist Grégoire Altan-Bonnet focuses on probing and testing the integration of cellular activation that makes up the immune response.


Pictured Mary Baylies
Baylies, Mary
Developmental Biology Program
Developmental biologist Mary Baylies studies the mechanisms that form and maintain muscle both during normal development and in disease.
Pictured: Ronald Blasberg
Blasberg, Ronald G.
Molecular Pharmacology & Chemistry Program
Physician-scientist Ronald Blasberg focuses on the development of noninvasive imaging paradigms in living organisms using radionuclide and optical reporter systems.
Pictured: Michelle Bardbury
Bradbury, Michelle S.
Director of Intraoperative Imaging, Radiology
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Clinician-scientist Michelle Bradbury develops translational, tumor-targeting, PET-optical silica nanoparticle probes for diagnostics, drug delivery, and sensing.


Pictured: Jorge A. Carrasquillo
Carrasquillo, Jorge A.
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Physician-scientist Jorge Carrasquillo focuses on the development of targeted radioimmunotherapy drugs.
Pictured: Raju Chaganti
Chaganti, Raju
Cell Biology Program
Geneticist Raju Chaganti studies genomic instability in cancer cells and its implications for clinical behavior of tumors and normal cellular developmental pathways.


Pictured: Emily Arias Foley
Foley, Emily Arias
Cell Biology Program
Cell biologist Emily Arias Foley investigates the molecular mechanisms of mitosis.
Pictured: Zvi Fuks
Fuks, Zvi
Molecular Pharmacology & Chemistry Program
Zvi Fuks studies mechanisms of radiation-induced damage and the clinical basis of radiation resistance.


Giancotti, Filippo
Cell Biology Program
Cell biologist Filippo Giancotti investigates signaling by cell adhesion receptors, neoplastic transformation, and metastatic dissemination.
Goll, Mary
Developmental Biology Program
Developmental biologist Mary Goll investigates the mechanisms of epigenetic regulation and its role in development using zebrafish as a model system.
Pictured: Jan Grimm
Grimm, Jan
Molecular Pharmacology & Chemistry Program
Radiologist Jan Grimm develops novel activatable molecular imaging approaches for improved detection and monitoring of prostate and other cancers.


Pictured: Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis
Hadjantonakis, Anna-Katerina
Developmental Biology Program
Developmental biologist Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis studies cell lineage commitment, patterning and morphogenesis of early mammalian embryos.
Daniel Heller
Heller, Daniel A.
Molecular Pharmacology & Chemistry Program
Chemist Daniel Heller focuses on biomaterials and nanoscale engineering for molecular sensors and targeted therapeutics.
Pictured: Alan Houghton
Houghton, Alan
Immunology Program
Cancer immunologist Alan Houghton studies the immune response to cancer, immune recognition of self and mutated molecules, and development of new immunotherapies.
Pictured: Hedvig Hricak
Hricak, Hedvig
Chair, Department of Radiology
Molecular Pharmacology & Chemistry Program
Radiologist Hedvig Hricak researches methodologies of molecular imaging of prostate and gynecologic tumors.
Humm, John L.
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Medical physicist John Humm focuses on noninvasive imaging of the tumor microenvironment using nuclear imaging methods.
Pictured: Morgan Huse
Huse, Morgan
Immunology Program
Immunologist Morgan Huse investigates intracellular signaling dynamics in lymphocytes.


Pictured: Prasad Jallepalli
Jallepalli, Prasad
Molecular Biology Program
Molecular biologist Prasad Jallepalli studies the mechanisms that ensure accurate chromosome transmission in human cells.
Pictured: Johanna Joyce
Joyce, Johanna
Cancer Biology & Genetics Program
Cancer biologist Johanna Joyce investigates the signaling pathways between cancer cells and their microenvironment in tumor progression, metastasis, and response to therapy.


Pictured: Julia Kaltschmidt
Kaltschmidt, Julia
Developmental Biology Program
Developmental biologist Julia Kaltschmidt investigates the mechanisms of synaptic specificity underlying mammalian neuronal circuit formation.
Pictured: Kayvan R. Keshari
Keshari, Kayvan R.
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Biochemist and imaging specialist Kayvan Keshari explores changes in cancer metabolism to develop advanced imaging techniques and cancer targets.
Pictured: Moritz Kircher
Kircher, Moritz F.
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Physician-scientist Moritz Kircher develops novel molecular imaging approaches with a focus on surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy and magnetic resonance imaging.
Koutcher, Jason A.
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Physician-scientist Jason Koutcher studies applications of magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging to enhance the therapeutic gain of different antineoplastic modalities.


Lacy, Elizabeth H.
Developmental Biology Program
Developmental biologist Elizabeth Lacy studies the mechanisms of gastrulation and organogenesis during mouse development.
Larson, Steven M.
Molecular Pharmacology & Chemistry Program
Radiologist Steven Larson focuses on molecular imaging in animals and humans using high-resolution diagnostic instruments, such as positron emission tomography, and single photon emission tomography.
Pictured: Jason Lewis
Lewis, Jason S.
Director, Center for Molecular Imaging and Nanotechnology
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Radiochemist Jason Lewis develops radiopharmaceuticals for the imaging and therapy of cancer.
Pictured: Yueming Li
Li, Yueming
Molecular Pharmacology & Chemistry Program
Biochemist Yueming Li studies function and regulation of transmembrane proteases and development of novel protease-based cancer therapies.


Pictured: Joan Massagué
Massagué, Joan
Director, Sloan Kettering Institute
Cancer Biology & Genetics Program
Sloan Kettering Institute Director Joan Massagué studies the control of stem cell growth and phenotype in tumor progression, metastasis, and response to therapy.


Pictured: Philipp Niethammer
Niethammer, Philipp
Cell Biology Program
Cell biologist Philipp Niethammer investigates regulation of early inflammatory responses in space and time by intravital imaging of intact tissues.


Ying-Xian Pan
Pan, Ying-Xian
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Physician-scientst Ying-Xian Pan studies the transcription regulation and function of opioid receptor genes.
Pictured: Gavril W. Pasternak
Pasternak, Gavril W.
Molecular Pharmacology & Chemistry Program
Pharmacologist Gavril Pasternak studies molecular mechanisms of opioid receptor actions, analgesics, and G-protein-coupled receptors.
Pertsinidis, Alexandros
Structural Biology Program
Structural biologist Alexandros Pertsinidis uses structural molecular and structural cell biology to study novel optical imaging and spectroscopy technologies to understand the function of complex macromolecular machines inside living cells.
Pictured: John Petrini
Petrini, John
Member, Molecular Biology Program
Molecular Biology Program
Molecular biologist John Petrini investigates the repair of chromosomal breaks and the activation of the DNA-damage-induced cell-cycle checkpoints.
Pictured: Vladimir Ponomarev
Ponomarev, Vladimir
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Physician-scientist Vladimir Ponomarev focuses on developing reporter genetic systems for specific applications such as sequential in vivo imaging studies in cancer biology, cancer immunotherapy, and radiation sciences.


Pictured: Xiaohui Qu
Qu, Xiaohui
Molecular Biology Program
Molecular biologist Xiaohui Qu conducts high-resolution, single-molecule studies of the molecular mechanisms of ribosome functions and gene expression control.


Rajadhyaksha, Milind
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Optical engineer Milind Rajadhyaksha studies confocal microscopy for the imaging of cancer, technology development, and translational and clinical studies in skin and head and neck cancers.
Resh, Marilyn
Cell Biology Program
Cell biologist Marilyn Resh investigates the regulation of protein function by fatty acylation, and the development of Hedgehog palmitoylation inhibitors to block pancreatic cancer.


Pictured: Michel Sadelain
Sadelain, Michel
Director, Center for Cell Engineering
Immunology Program
Immunologist Michel Sadelain studies the mechanisms governing transgene expression, stem cell engineering, and genetic strategies to enhance immunity against cancer.
Scheinberg, David A.
Chair, Molecular Pharmacology & Chemistry Program, SKI; Director, Center for Experimental Therapeutics
Molecular Pharmacology & Chemistry Program
Molecular Pharmacology and Chemistry Program Chair David Scheinberg focuses on the discovery and development of novel, specific immunotherapeutic agents and targeted nanodevices for cancer therapy.
Pictured: Samuel Singer
Singer, Samuel
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Physician-scientist Samuel Singer studies the genomic alterations that define new targets for therapy in sarcoma.


Pictured: Marcel R. M. van den Brink
van den Brink, Marcel R. M.
Immunology Program
Physician-scientist Marcel R. M. van den Brink studies the immunology of bone marrow transplantation.


Pictured: Jennifer Zallen
Zallen, Jennifer A.
Developmental Biology Program
Developmental biologist Jennifer Zallen focuses on the generation of tissue structure through the collective action of cell populations.
Pictured: Pat Zanzonico
Zanzonico, Pat B.
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Medical physicist Pat Zanzonico focuses on radionuclide-based methods for detecting and localizing tumor hypoxia, immune effector-cell trafficking, patient-specific dosimetry for radionuclide therapies, and small-animal and molecular imaging.
Pictured: Xiaolan Zhao
Zhao, Xiaolan
Molecular Biology Program
Molecular biologist Xiaolan Zhao studies chromosomal organization, telomere metabolism, DNA repair, and dynamic protein modification in stable genome maintenance.