Ray Baser, MS

Research Biostatistician
Office Phone:
University of Michigan

Current Research Interests

Mr. Baser's primary collaboration has been with the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Dr. Yuelin Li. His projects there fall into three primary areas: psychometrically evaluating and validating both existing as well as newly developed psychometric questionnaires; describing and comparing quality of life and psychosocial adjustment between groups of cancer survivors; and analyzing data from projects investigating cancer-related beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors in the general population through analysis of data from surveys with complex sampling designs.

He has also collaborated with the Gynecologic Oncology Group with Dr. Howard Thaler on a project to characterize survival after ovarian cancer treatment using longitudinal CA-125 trajectories.

Mr. Baser's research interests lie in the application of modern psychometric techniques, such as item response theory (IRT) models, structural equation models (SEM), and factor analysis, to help improve methods to measure quality of life, psychological functioning, and social functioning of cancer patients and survivors.