Jennifer Brooks, PhD

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Dr. Brooks is a cancer epidemiologist with a background in the basic sciences (molecular biology, toxicology and nutrition). Her research interests are focused on the genetic and epigenetic epidemiology of breast cancer risk and response to treatment. Specifically, she is interested in investigating how patient characteristics, genetic and epigenetic factors interact with breast cancer treatments to influence risk of disease progression, recurrence and risk of second primary breast cancers. She is also interested in the development of methods of monitoring treatment response. Dr. Brooks has been working with Dr. Bernstein (PI of the Women’s Environmental Cancer and Radiation Epidemiology (WECARE) Study) to investigate the genetic epidemiology of second primary breast cancer including the pharmacogenomics of treatment response and subsequent risk of second breast cancers. Dr. Brooks is also working with Drs. Bernstein and Pike, and investigators in the Department of Radiology at MSKCC to examine the potential of breast tissue characteristics on MRI as risk factors of breast cancer and as indicators of response to treatment.

Publications by Jennifer Brooks

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