Susan Oliveria, ScD

Assistant Attending Epidemiologist
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Harvard University

Current Research Interests

Dr. Oliveria has developed an Early Detection and Screening Research Program under the guidance of Dr. Allan Halpern, Dermatology Service Chief. The areas of interest include skin self-examination, screening, survivorship, dermoscopy technology and total body photography.  She completed a K07 Career Development Award titled “The Secondary Prevention of Melanoma,” which focused on epidemiologic and outcomes research pertaining to the early detection and control of skin cancer.  Dr. Oliveria has completed a series of physician survey studies assessing physician barriers to skin cancer screening and evaluating survey response rates for postal versus electronic delivery of questionnaires.  Dr. Oliveria also is a Co-Principal Investigator on “The Framingham School Nevus Study” (SONIC I).  A 5-year follow-up in this cohort was awarded (SONIC II). The primary objective of this study is to evaluate specific genetic and environmental factors as risk factors for nevus development and growth in early adolescence.  A secondary aim is to document the clinical and dermoscopic evolution of individual nevi in this age group.  She has initiated an effort in cancer survivorship and completed focus group research. In addition, she has published findings that identify areas of high priority to melanoma survivors: skin self-examination, anxiety associated with sun exposure, familial risk communication, and maintenance of health insurance benefits. Studies on skin cancer communication between physicians and patients in the dermatology setting have been published and are ongoing.

Publications by Susan Oliveria

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Oliveria SA, Heneghan MK, Cushman LF, Ughetta EA, Halpern AC. Skin cancer screening by dermatologists, family practitioners, and internists: Barriers and facilitators. Arch Dermatol 2011;147:39-44.

Oliveria SA, Heneghan MK, Geller AC, Brooks DR, Hay JL, Halpern AC. Familial risk communication related to skin cancer: A survey of US dermatologists.(in press - Arch  Dermatol 2012)

Oliveria SA, Shuk E, Hay JL, Heneghan MK, Panageas K, Geller AC, Halpern AC. Melanoma survivors: Health behaviors, surveillance, psychosocial factors, and family concerns. (in press - Psycho-oncology 2012)

Dusza SW, Halpern AC, Satagopan JM, Oliveria SA, Weinstock MA, Scope A, Berwick, M, Geller AC. Prospective Study of Sunburn and Sun Behavior Patterns During Adolescence. (in press - Pediatrics 2012)