Elena Elkin, PhD

Associate Attending Outcomes Research Scientist
Elena Elkin
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Harvard University

Current Research Interests

Dr. Elkin's primary research interest is evaluating determinants of cancer screening, treatment and outcomes using population-based observational data analysis, decision analysis and patient surveys.  Her funded research agenda includes studies of the relationship between the availability of mammography resources and mammography utilization with a focus on geographic and racial disparities in access to and use of mammography; surveys of radiology facilities to assess access to screening mammography and access to low-dose chest CT for lung cancer screening; development and evaluation of a web-based decision aid for women ages 40-49 considering screening mammography; cost-effectiveness analysis of a patient-directed intervention to increase screening mammography in survivors of Hodgkin lymphoma; and studies of treatment patterns, complications, survival and costs in urologic cancers, gastrointestinal cancers and head and neck cancers in the population-based linked SEER-Medicare dataset.  Other research interests include studying the economic impact of cancer treatment on patients, their families and the health care system, and understanding and improving clinical decision-making processes from both patient and provider perspectives.

Publications by Elena Elkin

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