Gene Transfer & Somatic Cell Engineering: Members

Pictured: Gene Transfer & Somatic Cell Engineering Members
Pictured: Isabelle Rivière
Isabelle Rivière
Pictured: Michel Sadelain
Michel Sadelain
Director of the Center for Cell Engineering
Pictured: Xiuyan Wang
Xiuyan Wang
Supervisor and Senior Research Scientist
Pictured: Shirley Bartido
Shirley Bartido
Quality Assurance Manager
Oriana Borquez-Ojeda
Senior Research Technician
Pictured: Venessa Capacio
Vanessa Capacio
Quality Assurance Specialist
Pictured: Qing He
Qing He
Senior Research Technician
Pictured: James Hosey
James Hosey
Quality Control Assistant
Malgorzata Olszewska
Senior Research Assistant
Pictured: Domenick Pirraglia
Domenick Pirraglia
Research Study Assistant
Pictured: Jinrong Qu
Jinrong Qu
Research Technician
Mohamed Ramez
Research Assistant
Pictured: Jolanta Stefanski
Jolanta Stefanski
Senior Research Assistant
Pictured: Clare Taylor
Clare Taylor
Research Associate
Pictured: Yongzeng Wang
Yongzeng Wang
Quality Assurance Coordinator
Teresa Wasielewska
Senior Research Assistant