Geoffrey Beene Cancer Research Center: 2012 Geoffrey Beene Shared Resources Awards

The following investigator was awarded Geoffrey Beene Cancer Research Center shared resources funds in 2012:

Adriana HeguyAdriana Heguy
Geoffrey Beene Translational Oncology Core Facility
Project: Beckman Coulter SPRIworks HT Fragment Library System

Project Abstract: Next-generation deep sequencing of human tumors is revolutionizing the cancer genomics field by facilitating the correlation of genomics data with clinical data, which aims to inform diagnosis and risk stratification, and ultimately result in individualized treatment. Regardless of the platform used, libraries of template genomic DNA, cDNA, or amplicons have to be prepared prior to sequencing. The manual preparation and quality control of libraries is labor intensive and is the main bottleneck in the efficient production of sequence data. The use of automation will reduce the time burden for technicians, eliminate human error, and increase the volume and efficiency of library construction. We have received a Shared Equipment Grant to purchase the Beckman Coulter SPRIworks HT Fragment Library System. This instrument comes with a validated suite of methods, for the various library construction steps, and its software is flexible, permitting, for example, the creation of new methods for target enrichment. The purchase of this equipment will benefit many departments and investigators across Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.