Geoffrey Beene Cancer Research Center: Core Facilities

The Geoffrey Beene Cancer Research Center provides support for the Microchemistry and Proteomics Core Facility, the Genomics Core Facility, and the High-Throughput Drug Screening Core Facility.

Microchemistry and Proteomics Core Facility
The Microchemistry and Proteomics Core focuses on transcriptional regulation and ties together molecular, developmental, and cellular science.

Genomics Core Fa​cility
The Genomics Core is the Microarray Core Facility of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Its specialty is the processing of very small samples for the Affymetrix array.

High-Throughput Drug Screening Core Facility
The mission of the High-Throughput Drug Screening Core Facility is to provide investigators with access to cost-effective high-throughput screening of both small molecules (Chemical Scanning) and RNAi (Gene Scanning) libraries. The Core features modern robotics and custom-built screening data management databases for storing and querying data obtained from screening.