Kent A. Sepkowitz, MD

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MD, Oklahoma University College of Medicine
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Dr. Sepkowitz' research interests include hospital infection control and tuberculosis. He also serves as an advisor to the Director of the Bureau of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Infection Control

The Memorial Sloan Kettering infection control program is led by Dr. Sepkowitz and Janet Eagan, RN, MPH. The team also includes certified infection control nurses, an epidemiologist, research assistants, and an administrative assistant. Routine surveillance, outbreak investigation, and prevention of healthcare associated (nosocomial) infections among patients and staff are the core activities of the group. Current initiatives include development of novel approaches to prevention of healthcare associated infections, use of electronic data for surveillance of surgical site infection, and the application of molecular typing methods to routine infection control activities.

Infection Control Staff

  • Janet Eagan, RN, MPH, Manager, Infection Control
  • Eleanor Cappiello
  • Teresa Childers, MPH, Infection Control Surveillance Specialist
  • Ellen Dougherty, RN
  • Janice Kaplan, RN
  • Perminder Khosa
  • Katherine Roberts
  • Crystal Son, MPH, Epidemiologist
  • Susan Singh, MPH, Infection Control Surveillance Specialist
  • Shauna Usiak, MPH, Infection Control Assistant
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