Mitochondria are required for numerous cellular functions including essential metabolic outputs and the regulation of apoptosis. My laboratory is interested in molecular pathways that protect mitochondrial function, particularly at the level of protein folding and protein homeostasis. Similar to the endoplasmic reticulum and cytoplasm, mitochondria have a dedicated chaperone and protease network that maintains the organelle's folding capacity, facilitates protein folding and protects against the accumulation of deleterious, aggregation-prone proteins. A major goal of the laboratory is to understand the stress responses cells mount to protect and maintain mitochondria and eventually develop strategies to manipulate these components and pathways as potential therapeutic strategies.

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At Work: Cell Biologist Cole Haynes

At Work: Cell Biologist Cole Haynes

Cell biologist Cole Haynes studies the stress responses that cells naturally mount to protect and maintain mitochondria.