Pictured: Pasternak Lab The Pasternak Lab
Pictured: Steve Grinnell
Steve Grinnell
Graduate Student
Mohammad Islam
Research Fellow
Pictured: Valerie Le Rouzic
Valerie Le Rouzic
Research Technician
Pictured: Zhigang Lu
Zhigang Lu
Research Scholar
Pictured: Susruta Majumdar
Susruta Majumdar
Assistant Attending Chemist
Pictured: Gina Marrone
Gina Marrone
Graduate Student
Pictured: Rosetta Mendoza
Rosetta Mendoza
Administrative Assistant
Pictured: Ying-Xian Pan
Ying-Xian Pan
Associate Member, Department of Neurology
Pictured: Julie Pickett
Julie Pickett
Graduate Student
Pictured: Joel Schrock
Joel Schrock
Graduate Student
Pictured: Joan Subrath
Joan Subrath
Research Technician
Pictured: Jin Xu
Jin Xu
Senior Research Technician
Pictured: Ming-Ming Xu
Ming-Ming Xu
Research Technician