Dr. Hsieh specializes in treating kidney cancers. Hence, the Hsieh laboratory primarily focuses its efforts on translational kidney cancer research. The MSKCC translational kidney cancer program primarily utilizes patient materials to directly decode the molecular basis underlying tumorigenesis, treatment response, tumor heterogeneity, and cancer metastasis, and thereby offers personalized treatment regimens. We employ state-of-art research platforms to interrogate kidney cancer genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics. Furthermore, through building the molecular blueprint of kidney cancer pathogenesis, we wish to develop novel mechanism-based therapeutics to better treat and eventually cure kidney cancer patients.


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Selected Achievements

Johns Hopkins Young Investigator Award (1996)

HHMI Physician Scientist Award (2000)

NCI Howard Temin Award (2003)

Cloned Taspase1, a Novel Protease (2003)

Scholar Award, American Society of Hematology (2006)

Scholar Award, American Cancer Society (2009)

Member, American Society for Clinical Investigation (2010)

Founder/Director, the MSKCC Translational Kidney Cancer Research Program (2011)

Committee Member, Manhattan Institute, Project FDA (2013)

Steering Committee Member, Kidney Cancer Association (2015)