Our focus is on eukaryotic DNA replication and its control, with emphasis on the identification of the protein components involved in these processes. In general, eukaryotic replication proceeds along pathways that have been conserved from yeast to mammalian cells, and strikingly, as we gain more detailed information, appears to extend to prokaryotes.

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Selected Achievements

Pfizer Science Award, History of Science Society (1984-1989)

Louis and Bert Freeman Foundation Prize for Research, New York Academy of Science (1982)

Fogarty Scholar Award, Fogarty International Center (1980)

Member, National Academy of Sciences (1974)

Fellow, John  SimonGuggenheim Memorial Foundation (1968)

Professorship, American Cancer Society (1963-1998)

Eli Lilly Award in Biochemistry, American Chemistry Society (1962)

Sigma Xi Award (1962)