We are interested in the mechanisms that support tissue homeostasis and cancer metastasis. Focusing on TGFβ as one of the most prevalent signaling pathways in metazoan biology, we are establishing how TGFβ signals control pluripotency and differentiation in stem cells, and homeostasis in mature cells. In addition, we are interested in the genes and pathways that drive metastasis. Ultimately, our goal is to use this basic knowledge to develop innovative cancer treatments.

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Selected Achievements

Prize in Cancer Research, Robert J. and Claire Pasarow Foundation (2011)

Frontiers Prize in Biomedicine, BBVA Foundation (2008)

Vilcek Prize, Vilcek Foundation (2006)

Member, Institute of Medicine (2006)

Award in Science and Technology, Prince Asturius Foundation (2004)

Member, National Academy of Sciences (2000)

Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1999)

Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (1990)

Elucidation of the TGF-beta pathway

Joan Massagué

At Work: Cancer Biology and Genetics Program Chair Joan Massagué

Joan Massagué came to Memorial Sloan Kettering more than two decades ago and became captivated by his work in cell biology.