Neural Stem Cells

We have described how stem cells derived from both rat and human midbrain can be proliferated and differentiated into dopamine neurons in culture.

Neural Differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells

Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells - The generation of unlimited numbers of dopamine neurons from mouse embryonic stem cells can be achieved in a multi-step differentiation protocol, allowing the sequential generation of embryonic stem cells, embryoid bodies, early ectodermal cells, proliferating CNS precursors, and differentiated neurons and glia. Human Embryonic Stem Cells - We have developed protocols for the efficient generation of neural progeny from various human ES cell lines.

Therapeutic Cloning and Parthenogenetic Stem Cells

Therapeutic cloning offers a strategy for generating autologous (genetically identical to graft recipient) cells for transplantation therapy. Parthenogenesis allows the generation of pluripotent ES-like stem cells via activation of an unfertilized egg cell.