My lab studies the mechanisms underlying the specification and morphogenesis of muscle during development and disease.

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Selected Achievements

Invited Participant at the New York Academy of Sciences's PepsiCo Career Day Research Symposium (Victoria Schulman, 2011)

Award of Excellence at Weill Cornell Medical College's Vincent du Vigneaud Memorial Research Symposium (Kate Rochlin, 2012)

Invited Participant at the St. Jude National Graduate Student Symposium (Victoria Schulman, 2012)

DeLill Nasser Career Development Travel Award, Genetics Society of America (Krista Dobi, 2012)

Award of Excellence for Best Postdoctoral Fellow Talk at the New England Society of Developmental Biology Meeting (Krista Dobi, 2013)

Award of Excellence at Weill Cornell Medical College's 2013 Vincent du Vigneaud Memorial Research Symposium (Victoria Schulman, 2013)

Award for Best Student Presentation at Cornell Graduate Program Retreat (Victoria Schulman, 2013)

Selected to participate in NIH National Graduate Student Research Conference (Victoria Schulman, 2013)

Featured Abstract in “Novel and Newsworthy Top Pick” for the Cell Biology 2013 Annual Meeting Press Book (Victoria Schulman, 2013)