Carbohydrate-based Antitumor Vaccines

Broadly speaking, our program is divided into 2 components. One deals with potential antitumor vaccines. These are based on the fact that cancer cells are very often acharacterized by the expression of aberrant cell surface glycoconjugates.

Fully Synthetic, Homogeneous Erythropoietin

Our laboratory has a major interest in the development of enabling methods for the preparation of homogenous, fully synthetic polypeptides.

Cytotoxic Natural Products

Historically, our laboratory has been particularly interested in the discovery and development of new agents of medicinal value through major advances in chemical synthesis.


The epothilones are a fascinating family of cytotoxic compounds.


Heatshock protein 90 (Hsp90), a molecular chaperone that mediates the folding of a number of oncogenic proteins, is considered to be an attractive target for inhibition by anticancer agents.


UCS1025A, isolated from the fermentation broth of the Acremonium sp. KY4917 fungus, has been shown to possess antiproliferative activity against human cancer cell lines.

Neurotrophically Active Small Molecules

Since neurodegenerative disorders afflict a growing segment of the population, the development of clinically useful therapeutic options for those affected has emerged as a pressing public health concern.