The long-range objectives of our research are to understand the mechanism of meiotic recombination and to determine how this process is coordinated with other events of meiotic prophase. We focus much of our attention on Spo11 (the protein that makes the DNA double-stand breaks that initiate recombination), the proteins that interact with Spo11, and the interactions of these proteins with meiotic chromosomes. We are also examining the mechanisms that regulate the timing, number, and location of double-stand break (DSB) formation and the mechanisms that control the distribution of crossovers.

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Selected Achievements

Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (2008)

Blavatnik Award Finalist, New York Academy of Sciences (2007)

Scholar, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (2005-2010)

Scott Keeney

At Work: Molecular Biologist Scott Keeney

Molecular biologist Scott Keeney studies the molecular mechanisms that make germ cell tumors responsive or resistant to chemotherapy.