Our main research goal is to understand the development of highly-specific neuronal circuits in the mammalian neocortex. Proper formation of neuronal circuit critically depends on the production, positioning, and differentiation of various types of neurons, which largely occur during early developmental stages. We thus hypothesize that neuronal circuit development is tightly linked to the early developmental processes of neurogenesis, neuronal migration and differentiation. To test this, a major focus of our research program is to bridge the gap between early development of the embryonic and neonatal neocortex and the emergence of highly-specific neuronal circuits in the postnatal neocortex. Specifically, we are working on the following two areas using rodents as a model with a combination of approaches including electrophysiology, two-photon/confocal laser scanning microscopy, mouse genetics/in utero manipulation.

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Songhai Shi

At Work: Developmental Neurobiologist Songhai Shi

Developmental neurobiologist Songhai Shi works to understand how neural circuits assemble in the central nervous systems of mammals.