Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Analytical) -- Core Facility

George Sukenick (Core Facility Head)

The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Analytical Core Facility aids researchers in structural determinations of small molecular compounds, with emphasis on support of the drug discovery synthetic organic chemistry effort at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. The facility currently provides researchers with information from a variety of analytical instruments. Services are available for the following major instruments:

  • High Field NMR Spectroscopy: Bruker 500 and 600 MHz Spectrometer
  • Low Resolution Mass Spectroscopy: PE SCIEX API 100 Mass Spectrometer

NMR is a powerful analytical technique, which is used to determine the number, location, and attachment of certain nuclei within molecules. The information obtained may be used to determine molecular structure, purity, reaction progress, and kinetics.

The NMR instruments in our facility can routinely detect proton, carbon, fluorine, and phosphorous nuclei of solvated compounds.

Mass spectroscopy determines the molecular mass of compounds and their fragments. Our API 100 ionizes compounds through electrospray or heated APCI. Both techniques provide very gentle ionization of the molecule and usually generate information about the base peak with little fragmentation, which is the usual primary interest of most chemists. The facility routinely analyzes compounds up to 6,000 AMU.

Requests for spectra entail submission of the appropriate request forms (available at the facility) along with the compounds of interest in appropriate containers.