Cancer Diagnosis and Prognosis by Determining Levels of MDM2 and p53 and Antibodies Against MDM2

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Summary of Invention

The invention provides a method for diagnosing cancer by determining the expression levels or the degrees of gene amplification of p53 and MDM2, whereby an elevated level of either gene or either protein would indicate a cancer diagnosis. Furthermore, the invention provides a method of predicting the progress of cancer, whereby elevated levels of either gene or either protein would indicate a poor prognosis.

Also provided are five monoclonal antibodies against the human MDM2 protein.


Monoclonal MDM2 antibodies useful for histochemistry

Areas of Application

Method to aid in the diagnosis and prognosis of several cancers

Lead Inventor

Arnold J. Levine, PhD

Patent Information

  • U.S. patent issued: 5,843,684
  • PCT application US93/06163: National patent issued in Europe
  • National stage applications in Australia, Canada, Japan, Taiwan

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