Functionalized Nanotube Therapeutic Compositions


Summary of Invention

Single wall nanotubes (SWNT) are inert, stable, flexible, non-toxic and non-immunogenic. They can be functionalized, that is, covalently bonded units can be added, making them soluble, and allowing them to carry targeting and therapeutic moieties. This invention is a method of treating a disease by administering soluble SWNTs functionalized with targeting moieties and payload molecules. The payload is delivered through the targeting moiety to the diseased cells where the payload has a therapeutic effect against the cells or elicits a therapeutic effect from the cells thereby treating the disease.

This invention discloses methods (1) to diagnose or locate a cancer, (2) to treat a cancer, or to elicit an immune response against a cancer or (3) to deliver an anticancer drug in situ via an enzymatic nanofactory using the soluble SWNT.


  • Soluble, non-toxic, non-immunogenic therapeutic and diagnostic constructs
  • Enormous flexibility for key variables: targeting elements, payloads, solubility, other physical properties
  • Disease-specific
  • Many possible therapeutic routes

Area of Application

Therapeutic, diagnostic

Stage of Development

Animal studies

Lead Inventor

David Scheinberg, MD, PhD

Patent Information

U.S. patent application published: US2009/0304581


Escorcia FE, et al. (2007) Nanomed. Dec;2(6):805-15

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Stage of Development
Animal studies