Identification of a 14-Gene Set that Predicts Anticancer Activity of Inhibitors of the RAF/MEK/MAPK Pathway


Summary of Invention

Genetic profiling of tumors is an effective approach to cancer treatment. There is an unmet need in this field to better understand the genetic profile of different classes of tumors in an effort to tailor the therapy to suit individual needs.

The present invention provides identification of a gene expression profile that predicts the anticancer activity of inhibitors of the RAF/MEK/MAPK pathway. This technology could be used for qualifying the cancer status and response in patients, for monitoring the efficacy of a chemotherapeutic regimen and for screening new compounds


  • Excellent prognostic indicator in improving patient outcomes
  • Sensitive detection of anti-tumor response
  • Potential to tailor individual treatment regimen
  • Screening tool for new compounds
  • Novel therapeutic targets

Areas of Application

Therapeutic, prognostic, and research tool

Stage of Development

In-vitro cell line and xenograft studies

Lead Inventors

Patent Information

U.S. patent issued: 7,812,143


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Imke Ehlers, PhD, CLP
Licensing Manager
Tel: 646-888-1074; Fax: 646-888-1021
Stage of Development
Animal studies