Microscope Slide Holder Facilitates Centrifugation of Cells in Small and Whole Blood Samples


Summary of Invention

The device, a microscope slide holder, permits cells to be gently spun directly onto the slide. This enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the centrifugation process and permits a better visualization of the cells on the slide. The device fits into any standard centrifuge and can be reused.


In order to perform FISH on cells, complicated methods must be employed to obtain cell adherence to a microscope slide, often resulting in cell loss and reduced yield. This is a major concern, particularly when studying rare cells in basic research and clinical testing. Additionally, there are challenges associated with cell culture plates that allow for growth of cells on microscope slides that will be subject to subsequent FISH analysis; these include increased risk of microscope lens damage due to residual adherents of cell culture wells. This slide holder offers a simple, cost-effective solution.


  • Each device accommodates as many as four microscope slides, so that more samples can be uniformly treated and analyzed.
  • The slide holder fits into any standard centrifuge that has adaptors for spinning cell culture plates.
  • It facilitates rare-event detection and preservation of morphology and cell clusters, even in whole blood samples.
  • There is very little cell loss compared to other methods of spinning cells onto slides.
  • The device can be sterilized and reused.

Areas of Application

  • Basic research and clinical laboratory tests, both simple visualization and counting, as well as for FISH-based methods.
  • Potential utility for high throughput analysis.

Stage of Development

Manufacture of proof-of-principle prototype and demonstration of whole-blood FISH of sarcoma cells has occurred. More information about the device, including product specifications and results obtained from utilizing it with whole blood samples, is available upon request.

Lead Inventor

Alexei Morozov, MD

Patent Information

U.S. patent application published: US2011/0266181


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