2014 Pediatric Prom

Xavier D Patient Xavier D. and his mother pose for a royal portrait.
Stella & Max T. Patient Stella T. (left) and her sister and patient Max T. (third from left) and his brother show off their Prom threads.
Farid Boulad, Jose Baselga & Paul Meyers (From left) Pediatric Day Hospital Medical Director Farid Boulad, Physician-in-Chief José Baselga, and pediatric oncologist Paul Meyers enjoy the celebration.
Olivia L. Olivia L. busts a move on the dance floor.
Simirah R. Many patients enjoy getting their picture taken with family or friends at the photo booth. Shown here: Simirah R. and her mother.
Rachel Kobos & Shakeel Modak Pediatric oncologists Rachel Kobos and Shakeel Modak are crowned Prom Queen and King.
Blues Brothers The Blues Brothers (patient Jad S. and his friend) make a cameo appearance at the Prom.