MSK Cancer Alliance Members

Members join the MSK Cancer Alliance after completing a rigorous evaluation. Currently the group has three full members.

In 2014, Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute (HHCCI) — which comprises the five cancer programs of Hartford HealthCare’s multihospital system in Connecticut — became the first member of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Alliance.

MSK awarded membership to HHCCI after a thorough analysis of six disease specialties (breast, colorectal, kidney, lung, prostate, and uterine) and 11 disciplines across the institute.

Among the many distinctive aspects of the collaboration is the establishment of the first MSK Cancer Alliance clinical trials site. Five MSK trials opened to HHCCI patients by the close of 2015. And in 2016, we helped recruit HHCCI’s first physician-in-chief: medical oncologist and hematologist Dr. Peter Yu, who also has an appointment at MSK.

Future projects include conducting joint quality and outcomes research to measure the success of our relationship, as well as exploring collaborations beyond the six disease specialties.

Watch highlights from the event announcing HHCCI’s certification in the MSK Cancer Alliance.

Memorial Sloan Kettering and Lehigh Valley Health Network doctors

MSK and LVHN doctors Richard Boulay MD; Suresh Nair MD; Lori Alfonse DO; Ranju Gupta MD; Tiffany Traina MD; Savitri Skandan MD; Nicholas E. Lamparella DO; Rich Barakat MD, FACS; Brian Nestor DO at the Lehigh Valley Health Network/MSK Cancer Alliance announcement on March 15.

Lehigh Valley Health Network, a multisite healthcare system in eastern Pennsylvania, became the second member of the MSK Cancer Alliance in March 2016. The LVHN Cancer Institute is the only program in the region named to the prestigious National Cancer Center Community Cancer Centers Program. In 2014, LVHN cared for 3,200 newly diagnosed patients.

Teams of cancer specialists from both organizations have dedicated hundreds of hours to carefully reviewing processes and clinical standards across six disease specialties and disciplines within LVHN’s cancer program — melanoma, breast, colon, endometrial, lung, and prostate — to ensure they are aligned with MSK’s standard of care.

LVHN patients have access to MSK’s network of cutting-edge clinical trials, which allows them to get the latest treatments before they’re available elsewhere.

Miami Cancer Institute, part of Baptist Health South Florida, became a full member of the MSK Cancer Alliance in January 2017. Baptist Health South Florida is the largest healthcare organization in the region, with seven hospitals and nearly 50 outpatient and urgent-care centers. As with other Alliance members, cancer experts from both organizations designed and customized a meaningful collaboration that has real potential to change lives. This came after MSK rigorously analyzed multiple disease specialties within Baptist Health South Florida’s cancer program, including breast, colon, endometrial, lung, and prostate cancer.

Miami Cancer Institute is a new, 395,000 square-foot-facility that is home to all of Baptist Health South Florida’s cancer care. It will soon open the area’s first proton therapy center, which will utilize sophisticated methods to target cancer cells while sparing healthy tissue. Proton therapy has shown exciting promise in treating children’s cancers and adult cancers of the brain, liver, and lung.