Procedures for MSK Patients at the Manhattan Endoscopy Center

MSK gastroenterologists Emmy Ludwig, Hans Gerdes, and Robin Mendelsohn

Memorial Sloan Kettering is pleased to announce that some of our renowned gastroenterologists are now conducting endoscopic procedures at the Manhattan Endoscopy Center.

If your endoscopy or colonoscopy is scheduled to take place at the Manhattan Endoscopy Center, the MSK doctor you have been seeing will be there to speak with you and perform the procedure.

The Manhattan Endoscopy Center is New York City’s newest and most modern endoscopy facility. It is located on 44th Street between Fifth and Madison Avenues. MSK’s inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities are very close by. The Manhattan Endoscopy Center is designed to maintain the personal attention of an office-based procedure while ensuring hospital-level safety standards.

The Manhattan Endoscopy Center is certified by the Joint Commission and is an American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy center of excellence.

Participating MSK Doctors