Student Programs


The Office of Faculty Development (OFD) sponsors student programs to foster the development of future physicians and scientists. We encourage students from diverse backgrounds to consider careers in oncology.

Student Seminar Series

The Office of Faculty Development (OFD) sponsors student seminars and lectures about cancer and related topics. Students at all levels (high school, college, medical school, graduate school, and post-baccalaureate) are welcome to attend one or more of these talks. We aim to share the expertise of MSK faculty with students in the NYC area, communicate the excitement of cancer research, and create a learning community for students and staff at MSK. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Summer Clinical Oncology Research Experience (SCORE) Program

The SCORE Program is designed to encourage undergraduate and postbaccalaureate students to consider careers in cancer research. In this 8-week  summer honors program, each student is matched with a mentor and pursues a clinical or laboratory-based research project at MSK. Students receive group and individual training in research methods, human subjects protection, resume building, interview skills, scientific presentation, public speaking, and writing. Students present their research at MSK and, if appropriate, submit their work for presentation at a national meeting.

Eligibility: Open to freshman, sophomore, junior and post-baccalaureate students at Hunter College and City College of New York (CCNY) and students from the Scholarship Plus Program. Freshmen are encouraged to apply!

Clinical Oncology Open Learning (COOL) Scholars Program

The Clinical Oncology Open Learning (COOL) Scholars Program is a special 6-week summer internship designed to encourage undergraduates to consider careers as cancer physicians. The internship takes place at one of MSK’s regional network sites in New Jersey, Long Island, or Westchester.  The student experience includes clinical learning, participation in multidisciplinary conferences, and 1-on-1 teaching with MSK physicians and staff. The COOL Scholars Program provides a focused introduction to caring for individuals with cancer. Program specifics and eligibility vary by site.


COOL Scholars, Basking Ridge: Open to freshman, sophomore, and junior undergraduates at Rutgers University.

COOL Scholars, Bergen: Open to first and second year undergraduates at Bergen Community College.

COOL Scholars, Long Island sites (Commack, Hauppauge, Nassau): Open to freshman, sophomore, and junior undergraduates at Stony Brook University.

COOL Scholars, Monmouth: Open to freshman, sophomore, and junior undergraduates at Monmouth College.

COOL Scholars, Westchester: Open to freshman, sophomore, and junior undergraduates in the Scholarship Plus Program

Medical Student Summer Fellowship Program

The Office of Faculty Development participates in MSK’s NIH-sponsored Medical Student Summer Fellowship Program. The fellowship is a ten-week research program for medical students interested in becoming physician-scientists in the field of oncology and/or related biomedical sciences.

Along with providing additional support for women, the OFD offers educational sessions for medical students on topics including curriculum vitae building, scientific writing and presentation, work-life balance, generational differences in the workplace, and stress reduction. The OFD director serves on the advisory boards of the Tri-Institutional MD-PhD Program at Weill Cornell Medical College, The Rockefeller University, and the Sloan Kettering Institute.