The introduction of patients in the QA meetings across the hospital completely changed the discussion. We went from abstract considerations to thinking, Wow, there is an actual human being at the end of all of this — how will any changes affect him?
Kent Sepkowitz Deputy Physician in Chief Quality & Safety

“At MSK, the Patient and Family Advisory Council on Quality is a new opportunity to bring the perspectives, insights, knowledge, and passion of our patients and families into our day-to-day operations, our strategy, and our future. If we truly believe in patient-focused care (and we do!), then having a committed, independent-but-integrated PFACQ group is a unique and pivotal asset for MSK. This group adds transparency to our processes and decision-making as well as the opportunity to always remember why we do what we do.”

-Wendy Perchick, Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning & Innovation

If we are going to redesign the delivery of healthcare to make everything we do truly patient and family centered, we must listen to the voices of our patients and their caregivers. The MSK PFACQ provides us with those voices.
Lee Erickson Deputy Physician in Chief of Clinical Operations

“Since the Patient and Family Advisory Council for Quality at MSK was created, it has highlighted the vital partnership between patients and their families and MSK that is integral to patient care. The insights and ideas shared by our patient and caregiver representatives to PFACQ have helped to ensure that the patient’s voice is not only heard but listened to. I listened when a pediatric patient talked to PFACQ about the isolation that young people with cancer often experience, and then I watched MSK staff work to address it. Another patient reminded us that services offered by Integrative Medicine and visits from our Caring Canines are important elements of patient care that should be shared with outpatients as well as those in the hospital, and now they’re available at many sites throughout the region. PFACQ and our patient and caregiver representatives have made MSK a stronger, more compassionate, and more patient-centered organization than ever before.”

-Ned Groves, Executive Vice President and Hospital Administrator