2008 Annual Report

In our 2008 Annual Report you are invited to sit in on two unique conversations. In one, a patient - and in the other, the parents of a pediatric patient - participate in roundtable discussions with the scientists whose laboratory investigations led to the development of agents that made significant contributions to each patient’s survival. These roundtables also included the patients’ MSKCC treatment teams.

The occasion of our Annual Report provided an opportunity for these exceptional gatherings, allowing us to give you a glimpse into the collaborative and novel work being done every day at the Center and into the lives of two extraordinary people - Emily Wang (below) and James Creaby.

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Emily’s Story

In 2003, just before her second birthday, Emily Wang was diagnosed with a rare pediatric cancer called neuroblastoma. Below is a conversation between Emily’s parents and the members of the neuroblastoma treatment team.

When two-year-old Emily was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, her parents chose Memorial Sloan Kettering for its advanced treatment options.