Information about Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Diversity Programs Now Available Online

Pictured: Diversity Programs

One goal of the office involves helping racial and ethnic minorities and medically underserved populations access Memorial Sloan Kettering's cancer prevention, screening, and treatment programs.

Since 2005, Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Office of Diversity Programs (ODP) in Clinical Care, Research, and Training has worked to find solutions to disparities in cancer outcomes based on race, ethnicity, cultural differences, and socioeconomic status.

Cancer affects various populations differently, and disparities can exist in terms of how commonly the disease occurs, survival rates, and the types of treatments patients receive. The staff of the ODP collaborates with outside institutions to understand and resolve cancer health disparities.

The new online information about the ODP details its activities in three core areas:

  • Clinical Care – Our staff reaches out to New York City’s racial and ethnically diverse populations and medically underserved groups to improve their access to Memorial Sloan Kettering’s cancer prevention, screening, and treatment programs.
  • Research – Increasing the participation of patients from diverse populations in clinical trials for all types of cancer is an important objective of the ODP. The staff is also working to develop research programs to help reduce cancer-related health disparities.
  • Training – Our staff attempts to increase diversity in the healthcare community by recruiting and retaining racially and ethnically diverse faculty, fellows, and residents at Memorial Sloan Kettering. They also participate in outreach to New York City high schools and medical schools to increase the diversity of students pursuing careers in science or healthcare.

We invite you to visit the Office of Diversity Programs online.


Any job postings available for those who are 'differently-abled', but are very diligent workers with 'years' of experience to add to the hospital? If so, how and where can they apply (in person, on line, etc.), and is there a long waiting period for those who are interested and would like to start "right away"? Thanks and Happy New Year to one and all.

Thank you for your comment. For information about jobs at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, please visit

i'm trying to register,so i can log on,there seems to be some technicality.a user id was send to me,but it does not's gaapp

Can you please tell us what you’re trying to register for, and we can offer assistance if possible?

I want to apply for observership in gynacological cancer department and i cant find any contact to send my information to.

Thank you for your comment! We will reach out to you via the e-mail that you provided to get additional information.

hi i am interested in applying for observership, but cant find any information on the website how to get in touch with any sponsor in order to apply, please help me out. thanks.

Dipika, it’s unclear what kind of observership program you are interested in, but you can learn more about our education and training programs by going to Thank you for your comment.

thanks for the reply. im interested in applying for the international observership program in Department of Medicine

Hi, I want to apply for observership in Surgery and it says at the site to 'Contact a Memorial Sloan-Kettering faculty member to request an invitation to apply for an observership.' But I can't find the email id's of faculty members. How do I contact someone? Thank you.

Hi Monali, you can email Memorial Sloan-Kettering’s International Center directly at to inquire about the next step. Thank you for your comment.

Hi, I want to apply for observership in gynacological cancer department and i can not find any faculty member of your hospital to contact and send my information to.

Susan, thank you for your comment. If you are a medical student interested in learning about our Summer Fellowship Program or Elective Program, you can find out more at this link.

The observerships at Memorial Sloan-Kettering are for doctors from countries outside the United States. For more information about the program, you can go to… or send an email to

Hi, I am a doctor in China and worked for 10 years. I want to apply for observership in gynacological cancer department and i can not find any faculty member of your hospital to contact and send my information to. How can I apply for? Thank you very much.

I want to apply for an observership in colorectal cancer department and i cant find any contact. I ve sent an email to García Aguilar MD but he didnt answer me. Could you contact me with someone else?. Thanks

I would like to apply for an observership in Thyroid Cancer at the Endocrinology deparment. Could you facilitate me an e-mail where I could send my request? Thanks.

Hi! I am interesting to find specialist in glioblastoma in Memorial Sloan Kettering’s?
I made surgery and chemo (Temodal 13 coursies)
Contacts and email?
Artur Mghdesyan

Artur, if you would like to learn more about MSK’s approach to treating glioblastoma, you can go to

To make an appointment to speak with one of our doctors, you can call 800-525-2225 or go to for more information.

If you are coming from outside the United States, please contact our Bobst International Center at or 1-212-639-4900 or go to for more information. Thank you for your comment.

I want to apply for radiology research positions. I need to contact faculties in radiology department. But there email ids are not given. How should I contact individual faculty?

I want to apply for observership program in MSKCC in department of Internal medicine. But I cannot find email ID of faculty in the website for requesting sponsorship. Please direct me regarding this Thank you.

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