Ingo Mellinghoff Named Vice Chair for Research in the Department of Neurology

Pictured: Ingo K. Mellinghoff, MD

Physician-scientist Ingo Mellinghoff


Physician-scientist Ingo Mellinghoff has been appointed the inaugural Vice Chair for Research in the Department of Neurology.

Physician-scientist Ingo K. Mellinghoff has been appointed the inaugural Vice Chair for Research in the Department of Neurology.

Dr. Mellinghoff’s research program focuses on the development of novel therapeutic targets for the treatment of primary brain tumors, including gliomas. His research is focused on studying the molecular annotation of human brain tumors, dissecting aberrant pathways in experimental brain tumor models, and conducting proof-of-principal, early-phase clinical trials.

Some of his current projects include the further characterization of various growth factor receptor pathways and their contribution to drug response. He is also a medical oncologist who specializes in the treatment of primary brain tumors.

“This position was created to better integrate and coordinate our basic research efforts with our clinical investigations,” says Lisa M. DeAngelis, Chair of the Department of Neurology. “Dr. Mellinghoff is an outstanding clinician-investigator who has made important contributions to our understanding of the mechanisms of glioma formation. His leadership in the area of translational research made him a natural choice to expand and coordinate our research efforts across the department.”

Dr. Mellinghoff received his MD degree from Technical University of Munich, in Germany, and completed residencies and fellowships at the University of California, Los Angeles.

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