Meet Head and Neck Cancer Surgeon Jatin Shah


Dr. Shah, Chief of the Head and Neck Service, discusses how Memorial Sloan Kettering’s world-renowned head and neck surgeons partner with patients to select the most appropriate treatment plan.

Jatin Shah, Chief of the Head and Neck Service, discusses how Memorial Sloan Kettering’s world-renowned head and neck surgeons partner with patients to select the most appropriate treatment plan.


As one of the oldest observer at head and neck service- Ive been there the
first time in August 1981- is a pleasure to see Dr. Shah in very good shape.

dear sir,iam indian ent surgeon ,now in saudiarabia,want to attend internal observation prog at skmcc,need letter of sponsor to apply for consider for 2 months in head and neck i can send my cv if u could give email id thanks

Happy to see you, dr. Shah, well and allways involved with your job and patients. I have been at Memorial H&N service as observer the first time in 1997, and after some times. It was a pleasure to see you here and all the passed days I met you. Thank you and congratulations from Portugal


Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, we are unable to answer personal medical questions on our blog. If your wife would like to make an appointment at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, please call 800-525-2225.

Dear sir,
I' m Filippo Marchi MD from Genoa, Italy. I' m gonna star my internship in ent next summer in Genoa, with Prof. Peretti G.
Would be a real dream coming true to spend one or two months at Memorial for an observership.
Thank you very much for attention
Kind rgds
Filippo Marchi MD

Thank you very much for your attention.
I' m not finding anywhere some email adresses to be able to contact someone that could sponsor me. Can you tell me where to find the contact please?

Filippo, for more information about our international observership program, please email Memorial Sloan-Kettering’s International Center directly at

Thanks again for your comment.

Good morning Dr Shah. Greetings from the philippines. I am Dr Yasmin Dapit, a new head and neck surgeon practicing in zamboanga city. I have heard about you during my fellowship training at the department of surgery of the philippine general hospital. Recently we have 2 patients in our general hospital with huge head and neck tumors. May we refer these patients to you for opinion. One is a 49male with parotid tumor, second patient is a 53 female with maxillary ameloblastoma, extending to the anterior cranial fossa. We would highly appre iate if you could share your opinion in the management of these patients. Thank you very much sir...

Good morning,
As of yesterday, my soon to be 77 year old father was diagnosed with cancer of the stomach, relating to the esophagus. They will biopsy a small spot on his liver today.
My question, I had read on blogs that you were highly recommended for treatment for that type of cancer. However, I see here that your expertise is head and neck.
Can you tell me if you do treat stomach cancer? We live in NC, but I am already trying to find the best doctor/cancer center for my father.

Thank you for your question. Our physicians do treat stomach cancer. If you would like to make an appointment with a Memorial Sloan-Kettering physician, please call our Physician Referral Service at 800-525-2225 or go to Thanks for your comment.

Is Dr. Jatin Shah, available in US or in India?

Qusai, Dr. Shah does not see patients in India. If you’d like to come to New York to see him at Memorial Sloan-Kettering and you are coming from outside the United States, you can contact our International Center at to get more information. Thank you for your comment.

I would like to meet with him. My brother has a surgery in india on Tuesday on a rare case of a maximillary sinus tumor. I wanted to meet with him soon. I have sent the reports to the international team. Please help.

Respected Sir,
I have completed M.D.S. in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in May 2013. I have interest in Head and Neck Oncosurgery. Is there any Fellowship for which I can apply? Thanking you.

I was operated for Tongue Cancer on the Right Side of my Tongue on 30th August,2013 in Mumbai> I was not advised for Radiation Theorphy by Doctor. I am fine now. Will you suggest some post operation measures for me, so that i can spend my life peacefully. I am now 65 year old.Doctor will keep me under his observation for another six months.Thanks

Dear Mr. Agarwalla, we are not able to answer personal medical questions on the blog. If you would like to make an appointment with a physician at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, please call our International Center at 212-639-4900 or toll-free 888-675-7722. From outside the United States, you can use AT&T Direct Access. First dial the access number for the country you are in, then 888-675-7722. Thank you for your comment.

To Dr.Shah,your care of my father was exemplary and though he has since passed from glioblastoma multiforme,you gave him many years of a quality and quantity of life he would not have had without your care. I wish you many years of health and happiness. With the highest regards,Dr.Eslyn Garb (psychiatrist in Chicago)

Please provide email id of Dr Jatin Shah

Dear Ravendra, we are unable provide our physicians’ email addresses. If you would like to make an appointment with a physician at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, please call our Physician Referral Service at 800-525-2225. Thank you for your comment.

Dear Dr Jatin Shah,

As a consequence of Hoshimoto's Thyroiditis, a complete thyroidectomy was performed on me a month back at the Breach Candy Hosp in Mumbai.

Frozen sections were made of the specimen along with lymph nodes.

Slides were viewed at the same hospital and reviewed by Dr Anita Borges at Raheja Hosp. The conclusions don't match.

I wish to courier the slides to your path lab for an opinion. Please be so kind and inform me where I should send them and what it would cost me.


Ravendra Jain

kindly provide me email id of Dr Jatin shah as need to discuss regarding my own thyroid surgery

Dear Dr. Shah,
As you know my wife, Sheryl, passed away on September 25th after surviving head and neck cancer for approximately 30 years. I will be forever grateful to you not only for your medical knowledge; but, your human quality. She often spoke of you in such loving terms.
Thank you for all you did for her - I and my entire family will be forever grateful to you.
Mitchell Strear

Respected sir me meenakshi gupta here from ahmedabad sir my husband is suffering from nose cancer we take many chemos n radition we also go through cyber knife but cancer is shown still dere plz sir send me ur email id so we send u reports thank u

I'm a surgeon oncologist in Mexico with a special interest in head and neck cancer. Most of my practice (90%) involves head and neck malignancies. I`m applying to the "SSO International Career Development Exchange Program" in my country, which is sponsored by the Mexican Society of Oncology and the Society of Surgical Oncology. This is a two week only program, to see and learn from you and your team. Please inform me, if this is possible. Thank you.

Hello sir,
I am from india, i just want to ensure that if Dr Jatin Shah could give a remote opinion on my father's reports ( mouth cancer reoccurence) . And if i could have his email id.
Thank you

After 3 surgery's in Florida 3 very wrong surgeries and being told my 17 yr. old daughter at best may have 5 years, that her cancer will keep coming back found Dr. Jatin Shah he performed one surgery and his team at Sloan Kettering did the treatments. He is the most gifted and brilliant surgeon and I thank God each and every day for him. My daughter is going to be 30 this April and because of him she is living a long wonderful life. Dr. Jatin Shah is a gift to this world!!!

Brenda, we’re thrilled to hear your daughter is doing so well. We’ll forward your message to Dr. Shah.

Dr. Shah performed in 1998 and 2000 two surgeries in my neck to remove a rare desmoid tumor. I send my blessings and profound gratefulness to Dr.Shah, Jill, all the members of the Head and neck department. Thanks to all, if it werent for all of you I would not be writing this. Each and every day I send my blessings to you. I am happily married and could lead my daughter through school, she is an engineer now and lives in Germany.
Would like to contact Dr. Shah to invite him to come and rest in our beach house in Tulum in Mexico any time he wants. Sorry to write
Sincerely yours, with all my profound grateful heart.
Lorena Zorrilla
Monterrey Mexico.

Dear Lorena, we are glad to know that you have felt well-cared for by Dr. Shah and your MSK treatment team. We greatly appreciate you sharing your kind words and experience on our blog. Best wishes to you and your family.

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