Meet Thoracic Surgeon Robert Downey

By Memorial Sloan Kettering,

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Thoracic surgeon Robert Downey talks about the quality of the multidisciplinary care at Memorial Sloan Kettering and the experience of following patients for years after helping to cure them.

Thoracic surgeon Robert Downey talks about the quality of the multidisciplinary care at Memorial Sloan Kettering and the experience of following patients for years after helping to cure them.


What a wonderful Dr, and more than that, a wonderful person. My wife Jane is still here in great part, as a result of his abilities. Thanks again Doc !

Dr.Downey not only saved my life but also gave me my life back.Dr Downey is not only a friend to many of his patients,but also our hero.Dr.Downey has a true gift for making you feel like your his only concern.Sloan is very blessed to have him on staff.

I am so lucky to be treated by Dr. Downey. He is such a great doctor!

Anybody who goes to Sloan Kettering to treat their mesothelioma has made a wise choice. I am an attorney who helps people with mesothelioma and have such great respect for this institution

Hello. My name is Sergey Martsenyuk. I am a future doctor from Ukraine. I very much want to continue to learn and work for you ... but do not have large financial opportunities. If you can tell me how to act.
Ukrainian Cure finished university. Now I am on a residency in Kiev. I would be grateful for your reply.

I met Dr. Downey after I was diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer. After two rounds of chemo therapy and radiation treatments, my tumor shrunk enough where Dr. Downey felt comfortable to perform a left phneumonectomy in 1997.

Eighteen years and two grandchildren later I am still around, thanks to Dr. Downey, Dr. Orsini and Dr. Devereau and their staff.
Funny, I recall Dr. downey looking alot younger.

You can't find a better surgeon, in my opinion.

Dear Edward, thank you for taking the time to write those kind words. We're glad to know you're doing well!

Thank you, Dr. Downey and MSKCC for all you have done for me. Sucks having lung cancer especially when you don't smoke but such is life. I am very fortunate to have been treated by the best doctor at the best hospital in the world. My prayers and support to all of you.

It is just over fifteen years ago that I was treated at MSKCC for non small cell lung cancer late stage 3 or early stage 4. I believe by the grace of God and by having the most brilliant, Dr. David Kelson I had a most positive outcome against cancer. Because of the success of Dr. Kelsons treatment, I was a possible candidate for surgery. I will always remember that I had been inoperable and my anticipation waiting to meet Dr.Downey for his opinion. He gave me such hope and support and I will always remember the day and my first meeting with him. He is the most wonderful, gifted surgeon He is a warm, kind and caring person---I truly cannot begin to express the gratitude I have for him and the extra care and kindness I feel he has always given. I thank Dr. Kelson, Dr. Rosenzweig, my radiologist and Dr. Downey as they are absolutely the dream team. I know I am alive today because of each of them. I feel truly blessed to have made it 15 years and to be here today as a single mother for my son, who was a five your old at diagnosis, and is now a senior in college. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! Thank you MSKCC!

Linda, thank you very much for sharing your inspiring story. We are glad to know that you were well-cared for by your "dream team"! Wishing you and your son all our best.

Dr. Downey: It's been 3 years since lung surgery and I feel great. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for me. See you at my next check up! May God always bless you!

Dear Marcelo, we are glad to know that you are feeling well. Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your experience on our blog!

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