Memorial Sloan Kettering Debuts Television Commercials

By Memorial Sloan Kettering,

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


We recently launched our first-ever television advertising campaign, which offers a sense of the passion and compassion that defines how we care for people with cancer.

We recently launched our first-ever television advertising campaign, which offers a sense of the passion and compassion that defines how we care for people with cancer.

“In these commercials, our doctors and nurses share – in their own words – what makes the care here so extraordinary,” says Ellen Sonet, Vice President of Marketing. “They reveal emotional stories of their work, illustrate the importance of a personalized approach for each patient, and explain what it’s like to work in an organization solely devoted to cancer care, research, and education.”

The commercials, directed by documentary filmmaker Henry Corra, were shot as unscripted conversations in which the clinicians discussed their relationships with patients, their team approach to treatment, and the personal meaning of their careers.

In the ads:

  • Orthopaedic surgeon John Healey notes the specialized care that people with sarcoma – cancer of the bone or muscle – receive at Memorial Sloan Kettering. “I live for the opportunity to cure this disease,” he says.
  • Pediatric oncologist Leonard Wexler and nurse practitioner Carol Rossetto discuss the teamwork required to care for children who have cancer. Referring to a child with eye cancer who needed to receive treatment immediately, Ms. Rossetto says, “We made it happen.”
  • Gynecologic oncologist Dennis Chi tells the story of a woman he treated who had recurrent cancer and feared she wouldn’t survive. “We cured her,” he says.

“When you sense the passion of our staff and understand the ways they collaborate in caring for patients, you can better appreciate what makes this such an incredible institution,” Ms. Sonet says.

These three commercials are airing on television stations in the New York City area through late 2012. You can also watch the ads online, along with three short videos in which doctors and nurses highlight distinctive aspects of Memorial Sloan Kettering’s approach to treating patients: caring, focus, and teamwork.


I agree with your ad . Compassion, focus, and intelligence ......were the principal reasons that I put my trust in the care team at MSK. I received opinions in Kansas(home area) and Florida and Texas, but MSK's team of Dr's Baxi,Lee,and Ganley really blew away the competition. They were my dream team. My faith in God led me to this hospital and to this care team. I was so fortunate.

I loved seeing your ad, Dr. Healey. You saved my left arm in 2005. Dr. Healey, you gave me back my life and career as an RN/ND. I'll never forget you. "You are the "Best!"

Dr. Healey saved my leg about 24 years ago. When other surgeons said it was not possible he did the impossible. There is not a day that has gone by that I am not thankful for his efforts.

I was told that my son had bone cancer 25 years ago and told my son would have to lose his leg ,but Dr. Healey saved my son leg and gave him the will to live .Other said it was impossible .There is not a day that goes by that I dont thank the Lord for bring Dr.Healey into our lives.Its a blessing to see my son play basket ball with his two boys . Thank You

I was diagnosed with Sarcoma in my left thigh 2 years ago, this is when i met Dr. John Healey at MSKCC. From the Surgery, to the bedside manner to the aftercare i cant say enough great things about Dr. Healey and his team.

I am now back to doing everything i did before i was diagnosed (with no limitations) and more importantly cancer free.

I owe my life to Dr. Healey and his team.

Dr. Dennis S. Chi saved my life in 2009. I was fortunate enough to meet him during a very critical point. He is an angel that besides being a brilliant surgeon, is a caring, compassionate and humble human being. The level of care and attention that I received was beyond amazing. I will forever be grateful for what he gave me back. In addition, I will not forget all members of his team.

Dr. Healey is a man of integrity. A Dr. willing to think out of the box in order to give life. A passion, desire and will to cure cancer. A willingness to leave his ego out of the room and an ability to identify each of his patients as unique. If you don't know Dr. John Healey and the amazing team at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, than you should because one day you may need him and MSKCC to touch your lives as he has ours. Truly a hero and a gift. We will be forever grateful.

I met Dr. Healey 18 years ago. I had a rare non cancerous growth on the hip the size of a large apple. It encapsulated the sciatic nerve. Most surgeons would have cut the nerve, but he painstakingly removed the growth in a 9 hour surgery, saving my sciatic nerve.
He takes everything under consideration, lifestyle, employment, family, etc., so you can come to the best course of treatment. You will not find a better orthopedic surgeon.

I was fortunate to become Dr. John H. Healey's first medical secretary as he began on his journey to save so many lives! The Chief of the combined Fracture Service of New York Hosital/Hospital For Special Surgery, Dr. William D. Arnold, a wonderful orthoapedic surgeon who sadly passed away too young, said "Shirley, I would love for you to work for Dr. John H. Healey ....though very young....he will be someone very important in orthopaedics one day".....and no truer words were ever spoken! To this day, there isn't a day that passes that I do not think about Dr. Healey and the importance of his being and the wonderful work he does for so many! Recently seeing his commercial on T.V. made me so proud to know him and so happy for all those lives he has touched in such a positive many others have said it...and I agree....There is no one like Dr. John H. Healey!

What is the music used on the Sloan Kettering graphic oriented :60 commercial?
Is it from a theatrical?
Piece is beautifully produced. Excellent!!!

Dear Skip, the music is a track that was composed for us for use in our TV and radio ads, as well as some of our digital ads. Thank you for your kind words!

I've been wondering about that music as well since these ads appeared. I think that you could sell some of those tracks in a compilation and earn money for cancer research. It's that good.

I discovered I large lipoma on my shoulder/arm when I was 4 months pregnant it was about the palm of my hand. After I had my daughter and stopped nursing I called 5 general surgeons on Long Island and no one seamed to take my insurance. I was giving Dr. Healys number and was thankful he took my Insurance. I have to say from the first phone call I made from Sloan Kettering to Dr. Healys office I have never experienced such amazing care and service. Everyone had such a smile in there face when you spoke to them and always got back to you. I was so fortunate to get the surgery done asap because from when I noticed it to about one in a half years later it had tripled in size. Dr. Healys approach was kind and very sincere. He takes his time explaining and breaking down everything, and waits to hear all your questions and concerns . My surgery went much better then planned, and I thank Dr. Healy and his amazing team for all there help in doing such an amazing job with taking such great care of me... I will forever tell everyone about my experience with your practice and my experience at Slone Kettering.
Thank you, Christina

Dear Christina, we're pleased to hear you such a good experience with MSK and Dr. Healey. We will send your message to him. Thank you for your comment.

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