Memorial Sloan Kettering Named One of the Nation’s Best Hospitals for Pediatric Cancer Care

Pictured: Paul Meyers & Patient

Pediatric oncologist Paul Meyers speaks with a young patient.


Memorial Sloan Kettering is ranked as one of the best hospitals for pediatric cancer care nationally according to U.S. News & World Report.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has been top ranked in U.S. News & World Report’s 2013- 2014 edition naming the nation’s best children’s hospitals, coming in at No. 10 in pediatric cancer care.  The rankings highlight the top 50 US hospitals in a range of pediatric specialties, including cancer.

“Memorial Sloan Kettering deserves high praise,” says Health Rankings Editor Avery Comarow. “Ranking shows the dedication and expertise that Memorial Sloan Kettering brings to the care of children who need those qualities the most. We think it is important to identify and call attention to pediatric centers like this one.”

U.S. News introduced the Best Children’s Hospitals rankings in 2007 to help families of children with serious medical conditions find the best care available. The rankings offer families an exclusive look at quality-related information at the individual hospital level.

“It is inspiring to be recognized in the top tier of pediatric cancer programs with this ranking in the U.S. News survey,” says Richard J. O’Reilly, Chair of Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Department of Pediatrics. “It serves to reinforce our mission, which is to relentlessly and vigorously pursue better, more-targeted treatment options to not only improve the clinical outcomes of children and young adults with cancer, but minimize the short- and long-term side effects of therapies.”

“The Department of Pediatrics — along with colleagues throughout Memorial Sloan Kettering — has pioneered many of the advances that are today the standard of care for the treatment of pediatric cancers, and we remain steadfastly committed to eradicating these diseases and their effects on the young. I congratulate and thank our staff throughout the Center, all of whom work tirelessly to make Memorial Sloan Kettering the unique and extraordinary place it is,” Dr. O’Reilly concludes.

Each hospital’s reputation among doctors was only a small part of what U.S. News factored into its rankings. Three-quarters of each hospital’s score was determined through an analysis of patient outcomes and data on the structural resources each hospital has for pediatric care. To gather data, U.S. News used two surveys: a clinical questionnaire sent to 179 pediatric hospitals and, for the reputational assessment, a survey of 150 pediatric specialists and subspecialists in each specialty. The 1,500 physicians were asked where they would send the sickest children in their specialty, setting aside location and expense.

Visit the U.S. News & World Report website for a complete list and methodology of rankings.


I am interested in applying for this job

Jeannette, thank you for your comment. You can learn about job opportunities at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, including searching by keyword, at

It serves to reinforce relentlessly and vigorously pursue better, more-targeted treatment options to not only improve the clinical outcomes of children and young adults with cancer, but minimize the short- and long-term side effects of therapies. Its doing a great Job.

nice post.

My daughter was treated there in the early 90s for stage 4 neuroblastoma. Though she passed after relapsing, the team of drs and nurses were the most incredible people anyone could meet during such horrific time in ones live A special thanks goes to the primary nurses assigned to each family makes all the difference especially when your child is impatient for 3 weeks at a time. Never give up on a cure.

My son, who is now 42, was treated at Sloan for Ewing's sarcoma back when he was nine! What can you say when "Thank You" is insufficient??? Special thoughts go out to Dr. Rosen and Dr. Caparros-Sison. I will ever be grateful!

My little son Alexander was treated at Sloan in the early 90s for PNET sarcoma. He spent long time there as inpatient and outpatient. Now, 30y, is a devoted M.D. working hard in a German Hospital. I have no words to say ''Thank You'' to all tirelessly working for the Department of Pediatrics. Special feelings of gratitude go out to Dr. O' Reilly, to Dr. Wollner, to Dr. Kushner, to Dr. Meyers and primary nurses.

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