New MSKCC.ORG Launches

Tablet open to the new website on a desktop next to a stack of books

The new site, with its streamlined navigation and clean design, helps patients and caregivers find the information they need quickly.


The new launched this week. By homing in on the subject matter you want to learn more about, the new site is focused on one thing: you.

  • is fully accessible on smartphone and tablet.
  • Content is tailored to individual needs.

This week, the team behind marked a major milestone with the launch of our redesigned website. The new design makes it easier than ever to find the resources specific to you — whether you’re a patient or caregiver, a research scientist, or a healthcare professional. By homing in on the subject matter you want to learn more about, the new is focused on one thing: you.

New features include:

  • responsive design, giving you full access to our entire site from any device, including smartphones and tablets
  • streamlined navigation, to help you find the resources you’re looking for without delay
  • fresh, new content tailored to individual needs

 And with the launch of the site, we also become a pioneer in the implementation of Drupal 8, an open-source content management system that’s still in beta testing. was built using Drupal 8, making Memorial Sloan Kettering one of the first organizations to commit to enterprise-wide implementation.

The redesign has been a truly transformative endeavor for our team. But most importantly, the new site allows us to better serve MSK patients and caregivers, as well as the more than 5 million people who come to each year in search of answers, often at a critical moment in their lives. 


Beautiful compelling imagery and I love how fast the new site is!

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