On Cancer: Acupuncture

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Acupuncture and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Can Help Cancer Survivors With Insomnia

Learn about ways that you can reduce insomnia without medication.

Jun Mao, Chief of MSK's Integrative Medicine Service, delivers acupuncture


Can Acupuncture Improve Sleep for Breast Cancer Survivors with Hot Flashes? New Study Says Yes

Discover how acupuncture may help improve sleep in women with breast cancer who have hot flashes.

Patients say electro-acupuncture feels like a gentle tapping of the skin, according to Dr. Mao.


Can People with Breast Cancer Benefit from Complementary Medicine?

MSK medical oncologist and acupuncturist Ting Bao discusses the symptoms that arise during breast cancer treatment and how integrative medicine may help relieve them.

Medical oncologist Ting Bao offers acupuncture to her patients to help alleviate the side effects of cancer treatment.

In the Clinic

Study Shows Acupuncture May Relieve Chronic Lymphedema after Breast Cancer Treatment

A Memorial Sloan Kettering study suggests that lymphedema of the arm, a swelling that can occur following breast cancer treatment, may be reduced by acupuncture.

Acupuncture needles are placed in specific positions on the body called acupoints.

In the Clinic

Clinical Trials Analysis Finds Acupuncture Effective for Treating Chronic Pain

In the most rigorous analysis of its kind to date, Memorial Sloan Kettering researchers find acupuncture to be an effective therapy for several types of pain.

Acupuncture needles are inserted into specific locations (acupoints) on the body.