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Answers to Common Questions about Radiation Safety

MSK radiation therapy experts set the record straight about the safety of this effective treatment.

Two doctors looking at a patient

6 Tips for a Successful Telemedicine Visit with Your Doctor

Learn the keys to a successful telemedicine visit from a cancer specialist at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

Nitya Raj

In the Lab

The Many Faces of the Immune Response to COVID-19: How Cancer Research Is Contributing to a Deeper Understanding

During the COVID-19 pandemic, MSK doctors and researchers are applying their knowledge about immunology toward the development of treatments.

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Robbins Family Awards Recognize Nursing Excellence

Seven MSK nursing staff members are honored with the 2020 Robbins Family Awards for Nursing Excellence.


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A Changing Melanoma Landscape: How Research Has Improved the Outlook for People with Advanced Disease

Learn about how research led by MSK clinical investigators has transformed the treatment of metastatic melanoma.

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Top Dogs: Meet MSK’s Four-Legged Volunteers

The Caring Canines program at Memorial Sloan Kettering has been going strong for more than 12 years.

Four dogs wearing blue bandanas are held on leashes in a hallway at Memorial Hospital. Three handlers are seen only from the waist down.

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FDA Approval Gives Hope to Some People with Advanced Colorectal Cancer

A new treatment is approved for an especially aggressive kind of colorectal cancer.

Memorial Sloan Kettering medical oncologist Andrea Cercek

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Deep Understanding of Immunotherapy Helps Patients Cope with Side Effects

MSK’s doctors are experts in treating the side effects that are common in many people receiving checkpoint inhibitor drugs.

Medical oncologist Michael Postow with a patient

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Drug Combination Could Boost the Effectiveness of Immunotherapy against Pancreatic Cancer

Studies conducted in mice reveal a potential way to breach the defenses of pancreatic cancer tumors.

A drawing of a pancreatic tumor represented as a barren landscape, blood vessels as rivers, and immune cells as ships with ammunition.

In the Clinic

Back-to-Back Studies Support the Use of HER2-Targeted Therapies in Multiple Cancers

Results from a clinical trial and animal studies provide support for targeting the HER2 protein in multiple cancer types.

The latest results come from a team of MSK physicians and scientists (from left to right): Bob Li, Hai-Yan Tu, Mackenzie Myers, Flavia Michelini, Emiliano Cocco, Sandra Misale, and Maurizio Scaltriti