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Think You’re Too Old to Get the HPV Vaccine to Prevent Cancer? Maybe Not

Learn from an MSK expert what people over 26 should know about getting the HPV vaccine to protect themselves from several forms of cancer.

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In the Lab

Drug That Hits CAR T Snooze Button Can Quiet a Cytokine Storm

An FDA-approved drug used to treat leukemia can serve as a temporary off switch for CAR T cells, MSK scientists have found.

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For One MSK Researcher, Science Is as Mighty as the Sword

Learn about Gabe Armijo, a researcher in the Sloan Kettering Institute and a competitive fencer.

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AACR 2019 Research Roundup: Nanosensors for Cancer, New Immunotherapy Targets, a Road Map of Metastasis, and CAR T Fratricide

Read our key takeaways from the second half of the American Association for Cancer Research’s 2019 annual meeting.

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AACR 2019 Research Roundup: Pancreatic Cancer Immunotherapy, Prostate Cancer Drug Resistance, Insight into Inherited Cancer Mutations

Read up on the latest developments in several important areas of cancer research emerging from the 2019 American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting.

AACR 2019 Annual Meeting

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Retooled CAR T Cells Lock in on New Multiple Myeloma Target

Researchers have redesigned CAR T cells in hopes of improving immunotherapy treatment for multiple myeloma.

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Helping Hispanics Prevent HPV-Related Cancers: 6 Questions with an MSK Expert

Learn more about HPV and cancer risk in the Hispanic community, which has more cancers linked to the disease than any other group in the United States.

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HPV Testing and Pap Smears: Understanding the Latest Guidelines for Cervical Cancer Screening

Learn about the latest guidelines for Pap tests, HPV tests, and pelvic exams — including recently updated recommendations.

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In the Lab

CAR T Cells Get an Invisibility Cloak

Research is focusing on ways to help cancer-fighting immune cells stick around longer, boosting their effectiveness.

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Tumor Mutational Burden Can Help Predict Response to Immunotherapy in Many Different Cancers

Investigators confirmed that people whose tumors have a high tumor mutational burden and were treated with immunotherapy lived longer.

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