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Cancer Cells Eat Fat to Grow and Spread

Research conducted in zebrafish shows that melanoma cells have an affinity for fat, and that eating it makes them more aggressive.

Large cells filled with yellow-colored fat

In the Lab

Scientists Create First-of-Its-Kind Metabolic Road Map of Cancer

The online resource will serve as a benchmark for researchers studying metabolism and cancer.

abstract red and blue lines suggestive of metabolic pathways

In the Lab

Research Reveals How Sleeping Cancer Cells Wake Up

MSK investigators are studying how dormant cancer cells can become reactivated after remaining hidden in the body for years.

A micrograph image of breast cancer cells.


Study Uncovers Hidden Risk for Breast Cancer in Some Women

Research has shown that a condition called metabolic obesity can increase the risk of breast cancer — and possibly other health problems as well.

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No Sugar, No Cancer? A Look at the Evidence

A lot has been written about the relationship between sugar and cancer. Most of it is wrong.

photo of sugary foods like candy, donuts, and cupcakes


After Years of Neglect, Cancer Biologists Return to a Forgotten Field: Metabolism

Scientists are dusting off their biochemistry textbooks in the hunt for clues to cancer.

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News from #AACR16: Precision Medicine Progress, Turbocharged CARs, and Turning Up the Heat against Cancer

At the 2016 American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) conference, there were clear signs that cancer treatment is evolving from a slash-and-burn method to a more precisely targeted, intelligent approach.

José Baselga

In the lab

Charting Kidney Cancer Metabolism — with an App

A new tool developed by MSK scientists allows users to map metabolic data from kidney cancer tumors.

Screenshots of the “metabologram” tool showing metabolic data.


License to Build: New Theory of Cancer Puts Metabolism at Center

MSK researchers are rethinking the relationship between metabolism and cancer, and finding insights in some unexpected places. Your beer glass, for example.

Montage of beer, reproducing cells, and building blocks

In the Lab

Therapies that Target mTOR May Enable Some Cancer Cells to Grow

Research into the mTOR pathway is beginning to to explain why some targeted therapies don’t work as well as expected against certain types of cancer.

Cancer biologist Wilhelm Palm