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Does Vitamin D Reduce the Risk of Getting Cancer?

Two MSK medical oncologists discuss the link between the "sunshine vitamin" and cancer.

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Certain Birth Defects May Raise Risk of Childhood Cancers

Find out what parents should know about a new study linking birth defects and cancer risk.

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In the Clinic

MSK Study Bolsters Use of Active Surveillance for Papillary Thyroid Cancer

New findings support the use of active surveillance rather than surgery for papillary thyroid cancer.

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Online Symptom-Monitoring Tool Improves Survival for Those Undergoing Chemotherapy for Metastatic Cancer

A study presented at the 2017 annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology showed that an online tool to monitor patients’ symptoms improved overall survival.

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In the Clinic

Two Studies Link Healthy Habits to Increased Colon Cancer Survival

People who maintain a healthy lifestyle after surgery and chemotherapy for colon cancer are more likely to have a favorable outcome after treatment.

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Childhood Cancer Survivors Found to Have Inherited Mutations Increasing Risk of the Disease

MSK geneticist and pediatric oncologist Michael Walsh discusses new findings on inherited mutations in pediatric cancer survivors.

MSK geneticist and pediatric oncologist Michael Walsh


MSK Expert Weighs In on New Study Showing Rising Rates of Colorectal Cancer in Young People

Learn more from Andrea Cercek about a new study showing that colorectal cancer rates are increasing in younger people.

Andrea Cercek, a medical oncologist in MSK’s Gastrointestinal Service, speaking to a patient.


Study Highlights Workplace Difficulties Some Women Face During Cancer Treatment

Discover the role of the work environment in the life and career of an employee with cancer.

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