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The Many Faces of the Immune Response to COVID-19: How Cancer Research Is Contributing to a Deeper Understanding

During the COVID-19 pandemic, MSK doctors and researchers are applying their knowledge about immunology toward the development of treatments.

Jedd Wolchok in his lab

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Research Uncovers Details about How Gut Microbes Influence the Immune System

Investigators have shown how gut microbes promote the formation of a type of immune cell called regulatory T cells.

Bacteroides bacteria under the microscope

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What’s Next in Immunotherapy for Pancreatic Cancer? New Immune Cell Type May Be Key

Researchers find a potential new route to making immunotherapy work better in pancreatic cancers and possibly others.

Illustration of T cells (orange) attacking a cancer cell (yellow).

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The Obesity Paradox: Study Suggests Fat Near Kidney Tumors Plays Critical Role in Treatment Response

MSK researchers discover a possible reason why people with kidney cancer respond better to treatments such as immunotherapy if they are obese.

Illustration of blue kidneys with large red cancer cells floating around them.

In the News

Updates from SABCS 2019: Detection and Screening, Immunotherapy Advances, and Therapy Resistance

About two dozen MSK physicians and researchers shared their work at the world’s leading breast cancer conference, held annually in San Antonio.

A presentation stage at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.


Study in Mice Suggests Lactose in the Diet Feeds Dangerous Gut Bacteria When the Immune System Is Compromised

Lab mice who had lactose removed from their diets had a decreased risk of infection with the Enterococcus bacterium.

Illustration of Enterococcus


Genetic Variations Help Explain Why Immunotherapy Works Differently in Different People

A new study reports a possible way to quantify how efficient the immune system is at detecting cancer, and therefore how likely it is that a person will respond to immunotherapy.

Colorful illustration of people overlaid on a world map

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Newly Discovered Immune Cell Subtypes Could Shake Up Immunotherapy

Dendritic cells, the guards of the immune system, have a previously unrecognized division of labor.

a colorful dendritic cell

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Researchers Discover How T Cells Cause Post-Transplant Damage

Innovative imaging techniques shed light on intestinal damage that occurs after bone marrow transplant.

Green and blue blobs on a black background

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Checkpoint Challenge: When Releasing Immune Cell Brakes Is Not Enough to Stop Cancer

Scientists have learned that cutting a T cell’s brakes can have unexpected consequences.

Immune cells surrounding a cancer cell